Options to widening highway

The current S.C. Department of Transportation design for the Hitchcock Parkway is unacceptable because it is based on capacity-driven criteria, which means adding more lanes to the entire length of the roadway. This design criteria must be changed to corridor improvements/operational improvements in order to allow more flexibility for consideration of designs, addressing separate, distinct options, such as:

1. Reducing congestion at the intersections of U.S. 1, Hitchcock Parkway,

and U.S. 421.

2. Reducing congestion at the intersections of Pine Log, Silver Bluff and Hitchcock Parkway.

3. Left turn and traffic light improvements at the remaining intersections on Hitchcock Parkway.

4. Walking path and bike trail additions to one side of Hitchcock Parkway.

5. Landscaping and traffic noise abatement additions to Hitchcock Parkway to support Aikenís overall beautification objectives.

6. Repaving of Hitchcock Parkway.

Options such as these should be presented next by state transportation officials for comment so that each of these changes can be better evaluated on their own merits.

Tom Dean