Press coverage biased for Obama

I would like to contrast Aiken Standardís coverage of Benghazi vs. the South Carolina tax return data breach. It should be clear that President Obama continues to get a pass while Gov. Nikki Haley continues to get skewered by the Standard and the liberal press.

Letís contrast:

Both events were monumental screw-ups. Both stories broke months ago. Almost daily, tax returns has been front page news with much critical coverage of the governorís initial and continuing actions. It would be hard to find any coverage of Benghazi unless you consider General Petraeusís affair to be coverage.

No one died as a result of tax return disclosures. Four Americans died as a result of Obamaís stand-down order when those Americans begged for military assistance.

Haley proactively disclosed everything she knew and continues to disclose new information. Obama (aided and abetted by the press) lied about why Benghazi happened and has continued to dodge demands for who knew what when, and why four Americans were left to die without help.

Haley took action immediately to help South Carolina taxpayers whose information was disclosed. She took action to assure the data breaches could not happen again. Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and others tried to cover up what really happened, left classified documents on the ground in Benghazi for weeks and, as near as I can tell, little has been done to improve security at our consulates.

The press coverage of tax returns asked how it happened, why did the state award a no-bid contract to Experian, why only 12 monthís coverage, etc. The press coverage of Benghazi has been silence.

Richard Nixon resigned over covering up a break-in. Obama gets a pass for covering up a terrorist attack that killed four Americans.

One final contrast: Haley showed leadership, Obama hid out.

Paul Anderson