Lye soap

To the reader questioning about the availability of homemade lye soap, go to Palmetto Nursery on Pine Log Road. Maria Stevens makes the best homemade soap in town.

The bus

As an Aiken County resident who looks forward to the lights at Hopelands Gardens, I am curious as to where the bus will be picking people up at this year. I suggest the Mitchell Shopping Center. It is just as close.


I think it’s such a shame the Ridge Spring Monthly is going to be discontinued. Everything is done for money. I didn’t live in Ridge Spring, but I enjoyed reading it. One of these days, people will learn money isn’t everything.


I voted for president Obama. We should put prejudice aside and support our president. I worked my whole life and put in for my Social Security. We are tired of hearing about Romney and Obama.

Thanks for giving

We would like to thank the person who paid for our Thanksgiving dinner at the Cracker Barrel. It was really a great thing.

Dark at night

I want to know why the bypass behind Reid’s doesn’t have enough street lights. It is pitch black on the 118 bypass.

Crime reports

I appreciate that people are coming forward about the crime in New Ellenton. You would think the problem would be more widely reported.

Bad idea

Sen. Graham’s idea to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants is a bad idea. It should be stopped.