Bloodies and Bagels evolved from a private party to a prelude to the Aiken Hounds' Blessing of the Hounds in the Hitchock Woods.

Bloody Marys and bagels on the lawn of the Aiken County Historical Museum served as a way to generate awareness for the Aiken Land Conservancy and a fundraiser for the organization.

“This is an ideal location for the event, and we're thankful that the museum let's us use their lawn,” said Katie Roth, Aiken Land Conservancy executive director.

A breakfast of bagels, coffee and orange juice was made that much better by partaking in a Bloody Mary on Thanksgiving morning.

“So many people that are supporters of the land conservancy come in for the Blessing of the Hounds,” said Larry Comegys, Aiken Land Conservancy president. “It's a real win-win. We have a little bit of a partnership with the museum working with Elliott (Levy). It's a perfect event. I think it's a good way to showcase conservation, the Hitchcock Woods, the Aiken Hounds and the Aiken Land Conservancy.”

Dr. Judith Hoover, who earned her colors last year with the Aiken Hounds, brought her daughter's 12-year-old mare Neverland to Bloodies and Bagels. Hoover and the Appendix Quarter Horse, would take part in the Aiken Hounds' opening meet later in the morning.

“She's a nice, sturdy horse,” Hoover said.

Katherine Brooks attended the event because she wanted to support the nonprofit organization.

“I have been before, and I like to support land conservation,” said Brooks. “We go to the Blessing of the Hounds. This is a great way to be thankful.”