Human error

There is nothing wrong with the voting process. If you read everything on the machine instead of rushing through it, it was OK.


If you’re worried about a dependant society, the answer is education and jobs. You should tell your state representatives to provide money for a quality eduation and the federal representatives to create jobs by rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.

Lye soap

I would like to find out if there is somewhere to buy homemade lye soap.

Fireproof cigarettes

I’m a smoker and there are other smokers out there. Has anyone noticed that fireproof cigarettes aren’t much safer? Because the burning part seems to fall off more often and then you have to look for it. How is that safer?


Paid vacation days are double paying the employees. Not only are they paid for not working, they are paid for working.

Thank you

I want to give a big thank you to Byrd Elementary for their Veterans Day program. Thank you to the staff for teaching the students how important our veterans are.

New Ellenton crime

I’d like to thank the person who wrote the column about crime going unreported in the New Ellenton area. We have been robbed twice and nothing has been done about it. There was a fight at one of the stores and it was torn up but unreported. I don’t know why no one knows about it.


It’s a great day in Aiken. The criminals can walk through our homes stealing our property and the international criminals can steal our identities.

Keep ’em in

Now that nine were arrested in the drug raid, is there anything that can be done to keep them in jail?


I would like to know why people born in 1947 are being told they will receive full Social Security benefits at 65 while others are told they have to turn 66.