Morals & the U.S.It surely appears that we are no longer a Christian country. It seems more people worship Hollywood idols, sports figures, etc., than God. As decisions continue to be made by states or the federal government based on secularism, rather than Biblical principles, we drift further and further away from Christianity. I have noticed many times recently in the newspaper how society tries to justify condoning immoral or unbiblical decisions or laws by stating how much more money the government will take in. From where do we now derive our morals and values? Look at the what society was like during the fall of the Roman Empire. Many of these same things are occurring in the United States today. It makes you wonder – are we heading for the same fate? God did turn his back at times on people in the Old Testament because of their sins. How much longer will we see his shining face?Turn signalsA good way for the city and county to replenish the coffers would be for the police to ticket drivers who fail to use their signals when planning to turn.  It's a basic rule in driver's education which should be part of the school curriculums.Enjoy natureTo those who prefer a highway vs. a parkway, when you go to or come from your work, learn to relax and enjoy the beauty of the trees alongside the road, especially this time of the year with the fall colors. Also, more road, more trash alongside it. It's going to look terrible.