The Union Street bridge was closed from the early morning hours until around 3 p.m. on Tuesday due to damage from a tractor-trailer that didn't have the clearance to cross.

The damage to the bridge was small, and S.C. Department of Transportation crews fixed the little bit of destruction.

Officers responded to the scene at 6:42 a.m., according to Aiken Public Safety's Lt. Karl Odenthal. The truck was on-route to make a delivery on Powderhouse Road. It attempted to go over the bridge, which Odenthal said it didn't have the clearance for, and the front right fuel tank as well as the reserve tank ruptured.

Fuel trailed from the intersection of Park Avenue and Union Street down to East Pine Log and Banks Mill Road, Odenthal said.

The truck was tracked down by Aiken Public Safety which then assessed the damage and its function.

No injuries were reported.

City crews worked for several hours to clean up the diesel fuel, covering the areas exposed with sand or gravel, and street sweepers were brought out. The city will address the expenses of the clean-up with the trucking firm, according to Public Safety's Sgt. Jake Mahoney.

No structural damage was observed, but a few spikes holding down the wood of the bridge had to be reset or replaced, according to S.C. Department of Transportation's Jeff Terry. There was “superficial damage” to the wood, Terry said.

The truck driver was cited for violating the City of Aiken Truck Route ordinance, according to Aiken Public Safety.

The incident happened several weeks after the Laurens Street Bridge re-opened, which was closed for about six months during a replacement project.