Long voting lines

Regarding election poll problems, two years ago a friend and I heeded the pleas to volunteer as poll workers in anticipation of the 2012 elections. We attended the course, passed the test and even went to another session to be certified as poll managers. We worked one state election and then the single issue election several months ago. For that single issue, with less than 5 percent turnout, there were two tables with two poll workers at each. For the national election a few weeks ago, not only were we not called to work with no communications about it, but when I went to my precinct to vote in one of the heavy turnout areas, there was one table with two workers. Of course there were going to be long lines. The election officials need to answer questions about their management decisions and not blame it on write-in delays.


To the person interested in how to locate a standard collie. We have two standard collies. It depends on whether you want a pet quality or potential show quality dog. For show quality, we would recommend the following website, www.collieclubofamerica.org. You can get names and contact information of reliable breeders. For pet quality, collies have a rescue site for most every state, www.collierescue.net. Both websites should provide some helpful information. Good luck, and wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

Church and state

Our founding fathers understood the divisive nature of acknowledging one form of faith over another and penned into our constitutional documents the separation of church and state. To imply Christians have a monopoly on morality is frankly quite offensive to those of us who have a faith different from yours. The U.S. is comprised of millions of non-Christians who have served in the military, elected offices, community outreach and protective services. Be happy and joyful that you can practice your faith, unimpeded by the dictatorial nature of superior-minded people thinking their God is better than your God.


Kudos to Publix for closing all day Thanksgiving so their employees can enjoy time with their families. If you don't have it by Wednesday evening, you don't need it.

Thank you

I'd like to thank the Valley Public Service Authority for putting up Christmas lights in Graniteville and Vaucluse.


It would be great if those of you who posted garage sale and lost dog signs on telephone poles and stop signs on Two Notch Road would take them down. They are unsightly as well as illegal.