Late mail

Our mail has not been coming lately until after 5 p.m. I really think they should do better and I feel very sorry for our nice mail lady.


I would like to know if anyone knows where you can locate the standard-size collie.

Unreported crime

I would like to know why crime goes unreported when it's in New Ellenton. It's not that the police don't know about it, it just never makes the news.

Gas prices

I am calling about the people complaining about the gas prices. When it was up, I rode. When it was down, I rode. You can't have it both ways.

Bring your own

To the person who submitted the TalkBack “Sanitized,” be responsible, make good choices. If you don't like Walmart, bring your own sanitization equipment.

Free lunches

This is in response to Nov. 14's TalkBack about free lunches. To the person that wrote this, all I've got to say is this just made me sick that we have people living here in Aiken that have this attitude about life. Shame on you.

Parkway expansion

Hooray. I'm one of the people that's for the expansion of Hitchcock Parkway.

Hope for the best

I am speaking in reference the comment on Sandy and the President caring less. Who would not instead be positive, hope for the best, and pray that not only our president and each member of Congress would do for all members of the United States to the best of their ability and not being judgmental.

Pig's feet and knuckles

I was wondering if there was anybody that could tell me where I could find pickled pig's feet or pickled pig's knuckles.


In response to the advice for GOP on Nov. 14, you're right. Democratic voters do resent the rich. Republicans resent big government. But, yor most astute observation is that the working class has gotten poor during this administration and will vote for the party that will give them aid on the way down.

Hostess and unions

Looks like the unions have destroyed another company in Hostess with their greed.