Union supporters

For the union supporters up North. I have a friend who works for the power company down here. There were several convoys of power folks going up to help the people in need during Sandy. They were turned back and sent back home and were not allowed to help because they were not part of a union. If you're a union supporter, you need to look at what's going on here.

Collard kraut

To the person looking for collard kraut, I found some at Southside Produce.


Our legislative delegation has no one to blame but themselves for the long waits to vote last week. Everyone took longer to vote because of all the write-in votes for the petition candidates. Resolving the mess that kicked so many candidates off the June primary ballot should be their first priority when they return to Columbia in January. 

New restaurant?

Are there really plans to put a restaurant in the parking lot in front of Lowe's? If so, why, when there is so much vacant space already available on the Southside of town?

Product search

I have two requests: Does anyone know where you can buy plastic soup spoons for eating soup and small packets of sugar-free jelly like you get in restaurants. I'm sure wholesale places sell them, but can they be obtained in any retail stores? Please answer in the Talk Back column if you know.

Dependent society

Talk about a dependent society. Do they ever want to do anything for themselves. Be responsible for yourself. We carry hand sanitizer in both cars, and my wife has a small one in her purse. Grow up and take care of yourself.