Campaign signs

I was wondering why there are still campaign signs out. Just thought they were supposed to be down.

Remove the signs

I agree with the item in the TalkBack on Nov. 16, which said the elections are over. In doing that, the multiplicity of candidates that we had on Election Day need to get together and get their signs up.

Sandy victims

Is there a location in Aiken where we can drop off clothes for the victims of Hurricane Sandy?

Security cameras

When are these morons going to learn there are cameras in Walmart?

Patraeus scandal

If Gen. Petraeus would lie to his wife for 37 years, why wouldn’t he lie to the subcommittee? He’s a civilian now.

Thanks to theater staff

I’d like to leave a special thank you to the staff at the Aiken cinema. They’re always very nice when my daughter and I go, but they really knocked themselves out and did a fantastic job to make sure everybody enjoyed themselves at the “Twilight” marathon.

Food at Auten’s

I’ve just had sausage and gravy biscuits at Auten’s. Just to let you know, it was as good as mama used to make.

Rest in peace, sir

I just wanted to let TalkBack know one of its favorite contributors has passed away. He loved this column.

Veterans Day program

Thank you for inviting us to the Veterans Day program at Oakwood-Windsor Elementary School. Thank you for honoring all of our veterans.