Strom Thurmond at Hanahan

Noah: Great running and defense always travels, and the Rebels will win their closest game of the season. Strom Thurmond 28, Hanahan 26

Jeremy: This game has all the makings of a Friday night classic. Hanahan is tough, but I’ll just have to be wrong if there’s a team that can take down Strom Thurmond. Strom Thurmond 35, Hanahan 31

Scott: Even with a long bus ride ahead of them, the Rebels are going to be focused and prepared for the task at hand. Strom Thurmond 42, Hanahan 28

Bamberg-Ehrhardt at Silver Bluff

Noah: The Bulldogs barely beat the red Raiders in their first matchup and the wear and tear of tough season will prevent them from moving on. Bamberg-Ehrhardt 27, Silver Bluff 21

Jeremy: Old-school football fans should head to the Bluff tonight. Wing T outlasts Wishbone and sends the Bulldogs into the next round. Silver Bluff 24, Bamberg-Ehrhardt 14

Scott: The Red Raiders’ only loss came at Petticoat Junction on a Pedro Zambrano field goal and it’s also where their season will end in the rematch. Silver Bluff 28, Bamberg-Ehrhardt 20

North Augusta at Greenwood

Noah: The Yellow Jackets have struggled against bigger teams that can play more physical than them, and unfortunately that’s what’s waiting for them after a long bus ride. Greenwood 35, North Augusta 21

Jeremy: The Jackets have imposed their will on opponents in every win, and they won’t be able to do that against Greenwood. A powerful Eagle defense puts the brakes on North Augusta again. Greenwood 27, North Augusta 21

Scott: The Eagles may be the most difficult test the Jackets face all year, and unfortunately for them it will be their last. A home game might be able to swing the tides, but going on the road will spell the end of North Augusta’s season. Greenwood 31, North Augusta 21


Noah: 77-17 (.819)

Jeremy: 77-17 (.819)

Scott: 78-16 (.830)