Veterans Day

I would like to commend Amy Smith, the Aiken Middle School staff, and Aiken Middle School students for putting on such a wonderful Veterans Day program. Aiken Middle School has a lot to be proud of when it comes to the talent and behavior of their students. The band played, students sang, poetry was read, veterans were introduced and the students remained a perfect audience. The program was organized beautifully, and it was extremely touching. Thank you to the PTO for such a wonderful reception after the program.

Kudos to the area restaurants for their effort to honor our veterans for their service, especially Golden Corral, whose ability to serve a high volume of people with astonishing, efficient and had high-quality food.


I saw on the statistics there were 10 million evangelicals who did not vote. So we all deserve what we get by them being too lazy to go vote.

For all the people dissatisfied with the election. It’s over. The process worked, this is what democracy is.

Gas prices

I’m calling about gas prices. It seems kind of strange that, on the second debate with Romney, gas prices started going down. Now that we are guaranteed four more years of Obama, gas prices are going back up. Sixteen cents in one day? Something is wrong.

What is Aiken protesting now? The other day, the gas was $2.85. Now, it’s $2.94 and $3.35. We need to protest, this is ridiculous.


I think I would need to rob a bank, too, if I wore Polo jackets by Ralph Lauren.


To the person who thinks they’re too good to tell a citizen what “hornswoggled” means, maybe you don’t know yourself. It means to be bamboozled or to deceive. If you’re going to be rude and not help, how about keeping your opinions to yourself?

In response to the person who wants us to concentrate on the more important issues besides what “hornswoggle” means, I say you are a humbug person. TalkBack is also for enjoyment. Otherwise, let’s take all cartoons and funnies out of the Standard.


I’ve heard more about Gen. Petraeus’ problems in one day than I’ve heard about Benghazi in one month.