On behalf of ACTS I am writing to give thanks to Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and the Women of Woodside for their financial support to ACTS. Over the past year, ACTS experienced many challenges. One of our biggest challenges was to continue to fulfill our mission with an antiquated telephone system. The telephones in several offices were malfunctioning and the intercom and voice mail dropped calls causing frustration and lost time among staff, volunteers and clients. The aging equipment was no longer repairable and replacement units unavailable. This situation was impacting our ability to provide effective services for the people in our community that needed it most.

Hence, the angels descended upon ACTS.

In the spring of 2012, the Women of Woodside provided a $2,500 grant to use toward the purchase and installation of a new telephone system. We were in need of additional grant money to fund the cost of the new system. We brought our situation to the attention of SRNS Senior Management. In response, we received funding from SRNS in the amount of $4,000 for the balance needed for the purchase and installation of the replacement telephone system.

This collaboration between a civic organization and a local business is proof that Aiken is a wonderful place to live, work and play. The new telephones were installed by NCITE and they are working beautifully. We are no longer dealing with dropped calls or missed messages. Volunteers and staff are effectively working and clients are being served in a timely manner. These telephones will serve us for many years.

With humble gratitude I give thanks to Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Women of Woodside, and NCITE for their continued support to ACTS and vote of confidence to serve those in need.

Vicki Bukovitz

ACTS Executive Director