If you missed it a few weeks back, go to YouTube and search for ObamaPhone. It’s a shrill woman in Cleveland at an Obama rally shrieking about her free phone that President Obama gave her and thousands others. The way that this incident was handled by the two party’s campaign managers sheds some real light on the outcome of the election.

For starters, Obama should have said something like: “Hold the phone here folks. In the first place, the phones are provided by a program that has been in place for more than 10 years. It’s funded by telecom companies and I had nothing to do with it.” He should have clarified that his presidency was not about handing out freebies at taxpayer expense, but was about building a strong economy so that people could afford phones on their own.

Instead they said nothing, reveling in a free commercial that summed up their ideology even better than they could. Besides that they were smart enough to understand that refuting the ladies claim would alienate a large portion of their voter base.

Mitt Romney’s camp said nothing either, knowing full well that to do so could have cemented the image of him as a cold uncaring rich man.

So this uninformed woman makes the case to keep Obama as president so she and others can keep their cell phones.

Obama and Romney remained silent; both understood the consequences of setting the record straight. That is the problem. Neither of them could gain politically by speaking the truth.

Lee Atwater would have made that woman the poster child for what’s wrong with the entitlement mind-set of this nation. Instead there was a silence that spoke volumes.

J.D. Davis