Veterans Day

Thank you to Becky Wilson, teachers and staff for their Veterans Day program at Jefferson Elementary this past Friday, especially the students honoring the vets. Thank you.


People beware. If youíre hauling garbage on Pine Log Road from Howlandville Road toward the landfill and you drop your garbage off on the road, weíre going to start looking for names and numbers and weíre going to come after you Ė legally. Weíre tired of you putting garbage on Pine Log Road.

I live in south Aiken, and Iím very upset the way Aiken County handled the situation. I rent a dumpster for my trash Ė my trash. Iím sitting outside this morning and saw a gentleman and son who carried over bag after bag to dump in my dumpster. In the past, I havenít been able to prove who did it. I went outside to tell the man he couldnít do that. I called the cops. They go over, talk to the man, he says heíll never do it again and thatís all they did. What happened to that $1,000 improper dumping fine?

Election is over

The nation has voted, letís stop all the demeaning name-calling and doomsday talk. Itís over, so suck it up. Weíre all sick of the negativity and donít want to hear it anymore.

At a quick glance before the election, I saw in the list bath water commissioner, and then clear water commissioner. I was really puzzled. Then I finally figured it out and had a good laugh.


As a Marine Corps veteran with an honorable discharge, I am sick of hearing about post-traumatic stress. These present-day veterans sit on street corners with a tin cup or ask for federal welfare. The veterans of World War II and Korea came home to support their families and build a better America.

Thank you

I just want to thank the sisters of Dozier Chapter Eastern Stars for the delicious Thanksgiving dinner they gave to the community, plus to thank the vets. It was awesome.


Iíd like to complain about Walmart. They have no sanitary equipment to clean the carts. With cold/flu season coming up, something should be done about it.


The issues with the government would be solved real quick if government employees had to retire the same as us seniors. When they retire at 55, they only lose a couple days. Seniors, we get one check once a month.