Free lunches come from taxpayers

To the 57-year-old who always got free lunches at school, they weren’t free. Some taxpayer paid for your lunch. If the federal or state government provides the parents with food assistance, why don’t they use this money to feed their children? I don’t want the “unfortunate” parents to go to the school with their EBT cards. Just for them to get out of bed and pack their children’s lunches. You had them, feed them.

Screens need repairing

Calling to see if anyone knows where I can get some screens repaired. I had it done when I first moved to Aiken, but that store is no longer here. I just need to get the frames restrung I guess it’s called.

People need to come together

The election is over. What the people need to do is come together, and help one another. Respect one another. Pray for each other. Love one another as God loves us. God bless America.

Nursing homes need to follow SRS’ lead

Nursing homes need to follow along with SRS, instead of paying employees for their time.