So if I find myself in an emergency situation and pick up one of the new phones at the Odell Weeks track, will ADPS know how to locate me or will I have to give them directions and hope that I survive the 20-minute wait for them to arrive?

Nursing homes

Nursing homes need to follow along with SRS, instead of paying employees for their time.

Strange indeed

Itís strange indeed that SRNS was told after the election to take a vacation. Strange indeed.


The only thing good that came out of that compassionate speech of Obama to the people of Hurricane Sandy was it got him some votes. He could really care less.

Tax hack

I, too, have frustration about our taxes being hacked. I, too, tried many days to get on the website, and it didnít work. I called the number to get instructions again. By some miracle I got someone on the phone and gave them my information. He gave me Protect ID direct, which is (866) 252-0121. I hope that helps the rest of you.

This is a message for Nikki Haley. She ran all over the country with Mitt Romney trying to make him the president, now the stateís credit is in jeopardy. We need a new governor, one who stays in the state and doesnít run behind a loser.


It was good presentation on the plans for the lane expansion of the Hitchcock Parkway 118 bypass, but I fail to see any inclusion of sidewalks or street lighting or bicycle lanes or anything like that.

Good job

Iím calling to thank the three students we had at Precinct 44 with our voting Tuesday, and want to let them know what a wonderful job they did and how proud we are that students are getting involved in elections at a young age.

Nice people

There are still nice people left in the world. My daughter and I were at Walmart and we went over $30 on our groceries and this nice couple gave us $30 so we wouldnít have to put back our things. I just want to thank them so much, may God bless them. Theyíre so wonderful.

Unfair light

I agree with the TalkBack on the East Gate Drive light. Sometimes traffic backs up on the roundabout. This light setting is very unfair.