Looking for a Volvo driver

If you are the owner of a white late model Volvo station wagon and a teenage driver, or know the owner of a car matching this description and driver, and this car has recent damage to the front passenger side please keep reading. I was rear-ended on Friday at around 5:15 p.m. by this car while turning into Twin Dragons Martial Arts on Dougherty Road. After the accident the driver continued on, stopped briefly just up the road, but never returned. So not only was the driver at fault in an accident, but the driver also committed hit-and-run, which can be a felony in this state.

There was minimal damage to my car, just a scrape and new white paint on my green bumper, and I’m not concerned about that. But the driver was not paying attention on a busy road with many driveways and side roads, and appeared to be at speed without breaking until he hit me. Luckily for me, he grazed off of me while swerving at the last second. Luckily for the rest of Aiken, there were no cars traveling the other way on Dougherty (surprising at that time of day), or they would have had a much ruder face to face encounter.

My goal in this letter is, as a parent of teenagers who will be driving soon, is that the parents come to find out exactly how their car was damaged. As a parent I would want to know. I probably should have called the police when it happened, and regret not reporting it, but it seemed like a waste of time. So if this is your car and teenager, that’s the story. If you know who this car and teenage driver belong to, please let them know for me.

Thomas Drake