These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for Nov. 9 to 11. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the “Crime” tab.

Regina Linette Epps, 41 — driving under the influence

Devin Tre Lorenz Washington, 19 — driving under the influence

James Terry Broomfield, 44 — disorderly conduct, loud music

Tabatha Lee Griffin, 43 — driving under the influence first offense, hold for Williston Police Department

Kirt Eugene Ginnery, 55 — disorderly conduct

Kennard Antwan Thomas, 22 — assault and battery

Andrew Lee Sherman, 21 — burglary second degree general sessions bench warrant

Darrin Anthony Houser, 45 — petit or simple larceny $2,000 or less

Wesley Rasheem Scott, 20 — shoplifting $2,000 or less

Charles Robert Bolin, 32 — unlawful use of the telephone two counts

William Keith Tolar, 32 — failure to appear and pay three counts, failure to appear, no driver’s license, no vehicle license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, improper vehicle license

Tyris Antwon Wright, 26 — criminal domestic violence, possession of stolen pistol, discharging a firearm within town limits

Weldon Michael Bates III, 33 — violation of probation

David Brad Tager, 28 — driving under suspension bench warrant, reckless driving bench warrant

Jason Douglas Edmonds, 25 — trespassing

Curtis Wooden, 62 — assault and battery first degree

Eugene Sanders Dozier, 43 — driving under suspension

Jessica Brooke Grey, 29 — possession of drug paraphernalia

Joseph Richard Carpenter, 47 — disorderly conduct/gross intoxication, trespass after notice

Zachary Evan McCabe, 23 — petit or simple larceny, assault and battery second degree

Timothy Leon Roberts, 48 — disorderly conduct

Dakota Sebastian Compton, 17 — assault and battery third degree

Joseph Stewart Coleman, 23 — breaking into motor vehicle or tanks pumps where fuel or lubricant is stored

Charles Norton Heyward, 21 — unsafe tires (slick), driving under the influence first offense

Marcos Javier Cortes, 20 — driving under suspension first offense, minor in possession of beer, open container of beer, driving under alcohol content, simple possession of marijuana

Michael Ray McDonald, 47 — driving under the influence

Crystal Lynn Hydrick, 42 — fraudulent check less than $1,000 two counts

Carrie Lynn Mack, 22 — assault and battery third degree two counts

Kiara Octavia Dunbar, 18 — shoplifting less than $2,000 first offense

Tyler Acy Mathis, 21 — criminal domestic violence

Lascotia Danielle Trim, 23 — criminal domestic violence

Jamel Tyron Gray, 26 — driving under suspension first offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, operating an uninsured vehicle

Cheryl Donelle McKinney, 49 — assault and battery second degree

Brittany Mae Mineau, 30 — possession of 28 grams or less of marijuana or 10 grams or less of hash first offense

Robert Laverne Pounds Jr., 27 — driving under suspension first offense

Robert Murl Augustine, 30 — driving under alcohol content, open container of beer

Don Carlos Sharp IV, 29 — criminal domestic violence, driving under the influence, disobeying a lawful order

Harold Thomas Seigler Jr., 47 — disorderly conduct

Stephen Sullivan Jr., 46 — disorderly conduct, failure to comply

Jose Juan Perez Portillo, 26 — driving under the influence, no driver’s license

James Oscar Smith, 52 — left of center, drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct

Patrick Bernard Moody, 32 — transporting legal liquor unlawfully, driving left of center, open container of beer, disorderly conduct

Donnie Watson Jr., 34 — possession of stolen goods, resisting arrest failure to comply, burglary second degree

Danny Gene Arnold Sr., 58 — driving under suspension third offense, open container

Shirekia Simone Blair, 18 — North Augusta Department of Public Safety hold for shoplifting

Lorie Gabrielle Robinson, 23 — North Augusta Department of Public Safety hold for shoplifting

Bradley Ward Slater, 54 — North Augusta Department of Public Safety hold for assault and battery

James Aaron Carder, 47 — hold per National Crime Information Center Lexington County