Road project not necessary

Recently, I read two articles on the front page of the Aiken Standard. The first was about the widening of Hitchcock Parkway. According to the authorities, this is needed to accommodate the traffic to the Savannah River Site. The second article, right underneath it, had a headline that read: “SRNS workers to take vacation over holidays” and stated that they are dealing with a “severe budget crisis . . . unlike we have faced historically at this site,” in the name of a $175 million shortfall.”

As a result, about 14,000 people have been let-go the past several years. Apart from that, the SRS has entrances from direction Whiskey Road and Highway 520. This unnecessary 4.9 mile stretch of road from Silver Bluff Road to Route 1 will cost us $26.5 million. However, it is just a small part of a much bigger project, which will cost us an estimated $260 million.

Among the various representatives at last night’s meeting was state Rep. Tom Young, who thinks the widening is a great idea.

Please, Mr. Young, study this project. It is not necessary. We can save a lot of money here. Adjustments can be made, by regulating the speed, inserting right and left hand lanes or traffic circles. You cannot solve the country’s budget deficit, but you can make a start by using money responsibly and only for necessary projects.

Jeanine Gates