Advice for the GOP

I have a bit of unsolicited advice for the Republican Party. When a group feels that another group is talking down to them and fighting against their interests, its members will lash out with anger against those who they see as their oppressors.

We see this pattern play out time and time again throughout history. As such, Republican’s tendency to unleash strings of harsh, condescending invective against those people in the country having the hardest time – those who need the aid of government to survive – seems to have proven effective in motivating people to get to the polls and vote against them in this election season.

Democrats can get away with it simply because the group they tend to blame the wealthy, who are so absolutely outnumbered.

Republicans should think of ways they can connect with the working poor class, which has grown under this recession, or risk becoming irrelevant as the numbers shift against them due to the nation’s growing divide between the rich and the poor.

Donald Josey