No jobs?

I just get sick and tired of politics talking about no jobs, jobs not available, jobs do not exist. There may be some that lost their job, but there are those that never had a job. Wendy’s is hiring, Dollar Tree is hiring, McDonald’s is hiring and grocery stores are hiring. Why can’t they take those jobs until they can get a better job?

Tax loopholes

Regarding Aiken County taxes last year, and I’m sure this year they’ll tell me the same thing: It ain’t them, the state tells them what to do and how much to charge. I don’t have a child, and I’m having to pay the child-tax fee. I’m paying a fire fee. I might as well say they’re going to let it burn. I fail to understand why I’d pay that. Gonna charge me a pile of money, not let me claim a home exemption because I live in a mobile home, won’t let my own mother claim an exemption because the property’s not in her name. Another way the county uses the loopholes to make more money.

More important things

In reference to the article about the Tennessee fans put a damper on our defense, which is very true. Even though we do have a bad defense right now, when we played USC, when Marcus Lattimore got hurt, did you not see how all the Tennessee players came out while he was lying on the ground? Sometimes things are more important than just wins and losses.

Dogs on Connector

About the dogs left on Connector Road, I, too, want to thank the people who live on Connector Road who went by and stopped to ask what they could do to help numerous times. This 58-year-old man cried like a baby to see something like that with a mother dog and her four babies, I can’t believe anyone would do something like that. Thanks to the people that came out to pick them out; they probably weren’t even paid for what they did that day. I pray for everyone that stopped and tried to help.

Post-election cleanup

The election’s over. Can we get some of these folks who put signs up all over our city to come take them down? They’re going to turn into trash soon.

Wise use of money

If I understand correctly, the state can get money for new roads, but not for maintaining the old roads and bridges, which desperately need it. The officials in Aiken should try to make our representatives understand that you can credit one account and debit another “et Voila”, we can maintain the roads and bridges in this area. That way you use money wisely instead of spending it, because you have it.