Residents who thought they may own something of value came out to the Trash or Treasure Appraisal Fair that was held Saturday at the Aiken County Recreation Center. Kenneth Clifford of Antique Liquidators came out to appraise many items that residents thought might be worth something.

“I thought I had a couple of things that were worth something,” Nancy Sanders said. “I found out that I had vases worth between $700 and $800.”

This is not the first time that Aiken County Parks, Recreation and Tourism has hosted this, but they were pleased with the turnout, nonetheless.

“We have had 22 people that preregistered and have had some walk-ins this morning, as well,” event organizer Tandra Cooks said.

This is the second time this year that they have attempted to put on this event, and Cooks said he believes that this time it was much more successful.

“We tried to do this a month ago, but it wasn’t advertised very well. But this time, through word of mouth and people reading Aiken Standard, it has really helped with the turnout,” Cooks said. “It’s a good event.”

The idea for this event actually started with a different program.

“Five years ago, I was working on a senior program, and I invited (Kenneth Clifford) as a speaker, and it has evolved from there,” Cooks said.

There were a number of different people that came out Saturday and had different reasons for doing so.

“We saw in Aiken Senior Extravaganza that they were having this appraisal and saw it was free, so we decided to come out,” Sanders said. “I like (the event). It’s interesting.”