Aiken County Council may consider final reading of an ordinance proposing changes to codes regulating RV parks and campgrounds at its meeting today.

The ordinance was up for final reading in October, but Council voted to table it after the Development Committee asked staff to amend the proposed changes by, among other things, including language requiring some sort of screening between a park and a residential development or other use.

Council has the option today to remove the ordinance from the table and take action on it, or leave it on the table.

Stephen Strohminger, director of County Planning and Development, said screening could be a fence, a wall or plantings.

Augusta-Richmond County, for instance, requires the entire perimeter of an RV park be enclosed by a privacy fence at least 6 feet tall, according to its code of laws. Wherever an RV park abuts property zoned agricultural or residential, there shall be a buffer of at least 50 feet wide of either an undisturbed or planted buffer.

The changes have been the subject of debate with Council for several months.

As it stands now, the suggested code modifications are that an RV park and campground be a minimum of 2 acres instead of 5 and that maximum density not exceed 12 vehicles or campsites per acre instead of 10.

It was also proposed that the minimum setbacks, among others, be 30 feet from a local street and 20 from other RVs and structures.

But, Council approved an amendment in September reverting the setbacks to the original minimum of 50 feet.

Carolina Sparks and Bob Samples, each owners of RV parks in Aiken County, have urged Council to approve the changes.

Both of their facilities have been shut down for not meeting code requirements.

Aiken County Council meets today at 7 p.m. in the chambers, located at 736 Richland Ave. W.