Word choice

On the “No four-lane highway” TalkBack, I did not really mean drivers should “stop” and enjoy the beauty. Poor choice of words.

Thanks to gardeners

First Christian Church wants to thank the Secret Gardeners who chose our church sign for their fall beautification project. We appreciate your giving spirit to our community.

Loose horse

I want to express my deepest appreciation to the many drivers on Whiskey Road this past Saturday afternoon when my horse got loose and took an exciting ramble for a good distance in the southbound lanes. Everyone exercised good sense, caution and patience. I especially want to thank the couple in a white pickup that let me hop in the back and then maneuvered through the traffic to catch up with my horse and cut her off. I was able to reach out and grab her lead rope and walk her off the road. We cleared the road as quickly as possible to cause no further congestion, and I did not get a chance to express my true gratitude. No damage, no injuries, thanks to all who showed the true Aiken spirit.

Important issues

Hornswoggled. In response to the recent question, what does this word mean, I personally don’t care what it means. Who really cares? Let’s concentrate on the important issues in our country and not get bogged down with taking time to research things like this. We have been hoodwinked into replying to everything in TalkBack. Let’s not be bamboozled into this kind of rhetoric.

Biscuits and gravy

In answer to the recent question about where to find the best biscuits and gravy, Cracker Barrel, McDonald’s and Arri’s Grill come to mind. Arri’s Grill mixes in their homemade sausage to the gravy mix, which is a plus. However, you can’t go wrong at any of these restaurants.


It would have been nice to have recognized the graduates of the Aiken Public Safety Citizens Academy by name in the Nov. 10 Aiken Standard article along with a picture of the graduates.

Fight hunger

I totally agree we should provide free meals to those children regardless. I am a retired Army aviator with 26 years as a CH-47 Chinook pilot. I have been on many United Nations relief flights throughout the world. Seeing famine first-hand was not pretty.Just unloading a payload of fresh water and rice can bring so much joy to those in need. I was raised to always take care of our elderly and children. They are our wisdom and our future miracles. So let’s accommodate them.