Rotary Club of Aiken members held a special program on Monday – one to honor veterans in the club, their veteran friends and veterans everywhere.

The Rotarians' Veterans Day event began a few years previously as a quick note of thanks but has blossomed into a charitable event that now sees money being raised to help U.S. troops bring lifesaving aid to war-torn areas of Afghanistan.

Through donations from members, the club has raised more than $4,000 for Waves for Water, a project that brings clean water to areas stricken by disaster or war. The funds are bringing aid to villages in troubled areas.

“Today we honor our veterans with a gift of peace,” said Rotary President Peggy Ford.

The ceremony began with military veteran Rotarians being announced.

Many in attendance took the opportunity to bring friends to have their services noted.

Stories were told by many who stood that ranged from tremendous acts of valor to humorous memories of time spent in the armed service.

After the introductions, representatives of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy came forward and led the singing of each branch's song.