President Obama’s re-election victory is due to three factors.

First, roughly half the population now receives some kind of government assistance, be it welfare, public housing, food stamps, medicaid, etc.

(I’m not including social security and medicare, since these programs were previously contributed to by the current recipients.) Those receiving freebies from the government would naturally be expected to vote for the hand that feeds them.

Secondly, Obama comes from that den of iniquity, the Chicago political machine, whose goal is to do whatever it takes to win. Instead of addressing issues, the Obama campaign used Chicago style tactics to attack irrelevant facets of Romney’s exemplary life. While going to great lengths to hide personal documentation such as birth certificate, college transcripts, etc., Obama tried to make a big deal out of

Romney’s tax returns. While Romney tried to take the high road and stick to the issues, Obama resorted to name calling and class warfare.

Unfortunately, Obama exemplifies many of the cultural attitudes of an ever increasing segment of our society which embraces personal greed over traditional American norms, present gratification over long term prosperity and moral relativism over traditional Judeo Christian values.

The end justifies the means.

The third factor is what I call the hereditary Democrats. “My daddy was a Democrat, my granddaddy was a Democrat, and I’m a Democrat.”

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has been stolen from these folks by those who have preempted it for their own purposes.

God bless America.

David J. Didimamoff