My wife and I recently moved into your beautiful city and, unfortunately, have a lot of cardboard boxes weíve broken down. We have not seen any place we can recycle these. Is there any place in Aiken we can do this?

Disaster relief

When contributing to nonprofit disaster relief organizations, I consider the immediate assistance they provide. First is food Ė hot meals on location if possible. In the South, we all understand the power of comfort food. Second, is a safe and secure shelter with plenty of blankets. Being wrapped in warmth reduces the shock. Third, is organization and control of the recovery efforts because many that did not evacuate before the storm had no reasonable relocation destination.

Driving advice

If you pull out in front of somebody that has their blinker on and they hit you, itís your fault because you did not wait to see what they were actually going to do. You need to be aware of that law.

Hacked tax reports

In reference to the tax hackers, itís impossible, Iíve been trying since last week to get my credit score. How can you do anything on the Internet?

We now have another reason to have a flat tax so hackers canít get our information.

I think that all S.C. taxpayers who have paid from 1998 until the hacking should receive a free credit report from all three bureaus paid for by Gov. Nikki Haley.