Don't get used to the nice weather.

The highs in the 70s that have been present in the area recently will be coming to an end as forecasters predict that temperatures will begin to drop starting Tuesday.

Cooler weather is ahead, according to Jeff Linton, National Weather Service forecaster.

“A cold front will be moving through tonight with scattered showers on Tuesday,” Linton said.

The temperatures have been sporadic recently, with cool weather last week and warmer weather this past weekend. Temperatures will begin to cool off again this week, but, according to Linton, that is normal for weather patterns.

“There are some days when winds come from the south, which makes it warmer, and from the north, which makes it cooler,” Linton said. “There are frontal systems that pass through the area every three to six days.”

The highs will mainly be in the 50s throughout the week except for Monday and Tuesday, with highs of 75 and 63 degrees respectively, as well as a 20 percent chance of rain and 30 percent chance of rain for both days, as well.

The lows will be similar, with temperatures mainly in the upper 30s and low 40s, except for Monday with a low of 57.