Dear Scott: Is there a way that I can “try on” a new hairstyle? I want a new hairstyle but I am afraid to change.

Answer: There are some very nice websites that offer the “try on” solution. You can upload a photo of yourself and pop on all kinds of hairdos. They even have dots where you can click-and-drag the proportions around to get the desired height and length. You can also try a variety of colors. In the past, salons offered this as an add-on service. Now it has become outdated with free internet availability.

The downside, it cannot take into consideration your hair texture, thickness, or if the color will work for your hair. Most of the websites are free to play with. You will have to pay if you want to print it out. Then you can take the photo to a stylist for final consideration.

The other option is to go to a wig store and try them on. Try to find styles that are close to your hair texture and density. Take a picture so a stylist can simulate the desired look.

Dear Scott: Is it better to cut hair wet or dry? My girlfriend gets her hair cut dry and it always looks choppy. She said that it is cheaper because she doesn’t have to pay for the blow dry. I have my hair cut wet but I would like to save the money like she does.

Answer: It depends on many factors if a cut will be better done wet or dry. I do both. Some hair types and styles require cutting the hair dry. Before a dry cut the hair should still be freshly shampooed and styled.

Bangs are notorious for shrinking up to nothing after cutting a fraction of hair when wet. Most of the time it is best if the fringe is cut dry. Razor cuts are best done with wet hair. I do have a few people that I use the blade on after drying the hair.

There are progressive cuts where a choppy look is desirable. Most of the time a dry cut is necessary to achieve these particular looks. I still shampoo and dry the hair before this kind of cut, so you wouldn’t save any money with me.

You could ask your stylist if they offer a wet-cut-only option. You can leave the salon with wet hair to save a few bucks. But the stylist isn’t able to do a final check on the cut this way.

The way that the question is phrased I am assuming that you think that your girlfriend’s choppy hair looks bad. If that is the case, I don’t know why you would want to save a few dollars to have a bad haircut.

Tip of the week: “It’s only hair” is easy to say when it’s not your hair.

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