IntelliSystems has been making a difference for the past 19 years by providing a number of critical services, so companies can manage their businesses more efficiently. The company with offices in Augusta and Columbia has opened a branch in Aiken, in The Alley, a place that IntelliSystems CEO Kevin Wade, who grew up in Augusta, referred to as unique. IntelliSystems’ office in Augusta is located on Greene Street. There will be only one or two employees working out of the Aiken location, he said.

“I feel that we’re better connected to the business community, being in the heart of town, and making an investment in the city center,” said Wade.

When larger companies have an issue with computers not working, network problems or in the event their Internet servers are down, they’ll make a call to the IT department. Small businesses often are not afforded that luxury, said Wade.

“We’re not like a retail computer store,” Wade said. “Most of our business is outbound, and, in fact, we solve a lot of the problems remotely for our clients. We monitor what’s going on with their systems, and about 80 percent of the time we can remote in. We’ll be able to resolve the problem, and we won’t have to send a truck.”

Wade had worked for two companies before starting IntelliSystems, including a large organization based in Atlanta catering primarily to Fortune 1,000 companies and public sector businesses.

“We did very big business out at the Savannah River Site, supporting Macintosh computers, and all of the Apple peripheral stuff,” said Wade. “About 20 years ago, I decided rather than have one big customer, there’s a niche to providing services to small and medium size customers. It also provides us with the opportunity to diversify our customer base. There’s plenty of small business people that want to be able to do important things with their data, and need to be competitive.”

IntelliSystems places an emphasis on making sure companies will have reliable information technology performance, through a proactive approach to service and support, Wade said.

IntelliSystems helps to manage companies through intelAllert, a unique method of proactive data system management, Wade said. IntelliSystems provides their clientele with a variety of services including business critical IT service, flexible telecommunications systems, in-house cable and wireless contracting, cloud services, Internet security and backup and disaster recovery management.

“We liked to be paid to be a fire marshall, rather than a firefighter,” said Wade. “I think that’s a way we differ from a lot of our competitors. We like to do a lot of preventative things. We install software where we can monitor things remotely. We know if there’s going to be some failure in the machine before our clients do.”

IntellSystems is located at 214 The Alley. For more information, visit at