Free meals

I’m 57 years old, and ever since I attended school there’s always been free lunches. Do you want the unfortunate parents to take the EBT cards to school and swipe the cards to pay for meals? Let’s be real. Give the kids their peanut butter jelly sandwiches, they’re getting fed.

East Gate study

I was wondering if perhaps the transportation department could do a survey on the number of cars allowed to go through the East Gate Drive light especially in the mornings? The traffic lined up to go on Whiskey Road doesn’t have enough time to get through, yet the other lights are very long.

No four-lane

Hitchcock Parkway does not need to be four lanes. It would destroy the beauty of the parkway, and many homes are too near the roadway. We need more turn lanes and also truck lanes on ascending hills. A traffic light at Northwood would be helpful. I travel this daily, and I have never seen traffic backed up even during rush hour. People need to stop and enjoy the beauty.


The term “hornswoggle” means to trick someone or try to take advantage of them. My friend did try to hornswoggle me.

Crossing the road

Schofield parents were told at the open house at the beginning of the year to use the front car line or band car line; not have their students walk across the street. How to pick up kids the safe way is also on the school’s website and on signs all over the school. And we wonder why the kids don’t listen?