Over the past decade, I have noticed a decline in our respect for Old Glory, our nation’s flag.

At a ball game and other events, mature men fail to remove their hats or ball caps during the playing of the National Anthem or the Pledge.

On Election Day, I was deeply disturbed at a horrible sight in my polling precinct. A flag standard displaying the United States flag was casually placed directly behind one of the electronic polling booths. The top cord holding the flag was not connected, allowing the flag to fall crumpled and sagging so that part of the flag was touching the floor.

This scene created in me a feeling of anger, sadness and fear. Was the situation of the flag symbolic of our country or the attitude of so many of our citizens? Has our nation, one of the greatest and most blessed in world history, lost her power, prestige, (yes) dominion, or have her citizens lost hope?

I called for a poll manager and asked that the flag issue be corrected by either removing the flag from the pole and respectively storing it or displaying it in the proper manner.

The reaction appeared to be “that’s no big deal.” I personally think the election process should have come to a halt and our flag restored to its honorable position. Many men and women have paid too high a price for our colors to stand tall and proud for us to allow her to droop.

Owen McAlister