Why Obama was re-elected

About six months ago, I sent a letter to the editor that included a prediction that President Obama will be re-elected to a second term. I am very thankful that my prediction has come true. My prediction was based on the quality of the candidates, including Mitt Romney, that the Republicans had put forward to challenge Obama. Romney displayed a lack of a true core during his campaign. He changed positions so many times that it was difficult to determine what he actually believed.

Other factors that contributed to an Obama victory are the changing demographics of our country. Those demographic changes are not limited to ethnic changes, although significant, but changes in economic and gender demographics. Obama clearly won big among African Americans and Latinos, but he also won big among unmarried women, young voters, and he made inroads among white blue collar workers. Republicans did well among their historical base which includes Southern whites, but that base shrinks each election cycle. Until Republicans realize that their shrinking base cannot sustain them in a national election, they will continue to be marginalized as a national political party.

So what happens now? It is my hope that since Mitch McConnel’s dream of making Obama a one-term president is no longer an issue, the Republicans will abandon their obstructionist stance, and begin to show a willingness to work with Obama and the Democrats to attack the problems of the debt, job creation, tax reform, Medicare and Social Security. Now is the time to get serious and abandon the partisan bickering.

Republicans have an opportunity to show that they care more about the country than they do about ideology. Let’s hope that they step up to the plate.

Moses Mims