Man posing as cop reportedly robs man

An Aiken man reported to Aiken Public Safety that a man posing as a police officer stole money from him, according to a report.

The victim said a “clean cut” man wearing tan clothing, glasses and a police badge clipped to his belt identified himself as an undercover police officer investigating a bank robbery, according to a report. The man then entered the victim’s home and asked if he “had any guns or money.”

The victim said he had a gun but didn’t know its location, according to the report. The man told the victim he needed to see the money, and that “someone is coming to check the serial numbers of the money.”

The victim retrieved some money, and the man put it in an envelope and asked the victim to open a drawer in which to place the envelope, according to the report. While opening the drawer, the man “switched envelopes” and left the home in a tan, newer model Chevrolet sedan. The victim was looking for the vehicle when he was a Public Safety officer in the parking lot of Smith-Hazel Recreation Center.

Teen reports slashed thumb in assault

A 15-year-old boy was taken to the emergency room with a laceration to his thumb after he was reportedly assaulted while walking home from Aiken High School, according to a report.

The victim told officers he was walking home from school when he was approached by the suspect, who is also 15, according to the report. The victim said the suspect accused him of assaulting a family member, and after the victim denied the allegations, the suspect pulled out a knife and cut the victim on his right thumb.

The victim suffered a 1-inch laceration along his thumb and nail, according to the report. He went home and showed the cut to his grandfather, who administered first aid; however, he reinjured the cut the next day.

A family member took the victim to the emergency room for treatment. No charges have been filed in the incident.