Why didn’t they just call the new MCG, UMCG – University Medical College of Georgia, or MUCG – Medical University College of Georgia?

Small glimpse

If any good came from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, it was working together for the good of our people by President Obama and Gov. Christie of New Jersey. It brought tears to my eyes to get even a small glimpse of how our leaders should work together.

Ripped off

I just think it’s a shame that single women can’t take their cars in for repairs without getting ripped off. I took my car in for an oil change, they changed my oil and redid my air conditioner and it didn’t even need it. So I say to the mechanics that work on women’s cars, do the right thing. Treat us right. Do just like you’d do if a man came in with a car problem.

Tax hack

Hello, Nikki Haley. Of course, I have paid tax returns every year since 1998. I have tried calling the number in the paper, same old thing. All I hear is a spiel about getting on the Internet, then it’s stay on the line for a representative. I do that, then I hear no one is available to take your call, hang up and call at another date. Today’s paper claims they have 300 new people. I still can’t get through. I deserve better than this. I have paid my taxes on time every time. You jeopardized my rights. Get some more people working.

Shame on you, Gov. Haley. I can’t believe you chose not to encrypt our private information. Your excuse is the banks don’t encrypt either. You decided to follow their lead? Where have you been? The banks are the reason we’re in such a financial mess. You have now put more stress, worry and questions on our children and grandchildren for the rest of our lives. Thank you for being such an intelligent leader of our state and taking care of our well-being.

A lifetime of fraud resolutions given to the citizens of South Carolina because of the incompetence at the Department of Revenue. This department should be eliminated and given to private industries where the taxpayers can sue for incompetence.

Beech Island

I’m a concerned citizen in Beech Island. Please vote that the sheriff do something about the drugs down there, it’s terrible.

One and only

I want to thank Mr. Nick, who was a great little Spider-Man for coming to my home trick-or-treating. He was my one and only, and I hope he had a good night trick-or-treating.