We won't get results from the last two Aiken County polling places until Wednesday. Everything is close enough to call, so here is the final Aiken County results (minus the two precincts):

Contested races:

• State Senate District 26

Nikki Setzler, 63 percent

DeeDee Vaughters, 37 percent

• State House District 81

Don Wells, 65 percent

Jane Vaughters, 35 percent

• Sheriff

Mike Hunt, 96 percent

Write-in, 4 percent

•Probate Judge

Sue Roe, 55 percent

Jane Page Thompson, 45 percent

• School Board 8

Tad Barber, 51 percent

Wes Funderberg, 23 percent

Bruce Wheelon, 24 percent

•Amendment 1: Vote gov and lt. gov on same ticket:

Yes: 51 percent

No: 49 percent

• Aiken County referendum

Yes: 39 percent

No: 61 percent

• Sunday alcohol sales in North Augusta

Yes: 68 percent

No: 32 percent

NO absentee write-ins will be counted tonight. Provisionals won't be counted until Friday.