Probate Judge Sue Roe will continue her service past the quarter-century mark, as she defeated outspoken GOP challenger Jane Page Thompson.

With two precincts outstanding, Roe amassed an insurmountable total as she held a 6,000 vote lead with only 1,700 votes to be counted.

“I think I did the right thing by not answering all the untrue allegations,” Roe said after the announcement.

“I said I would speak to the people of the county, which was last Sunday in the Aiken Standard.

I think that the voters are intelligent enough to know my heart is in-service to them and to Aiken County. And I want to continue that service to them.”

Roe’s campaign was a quiet one where she refused to participate in debates or political forums with her opponent, focusing instead on campaigning “like a lady.”

Roe received 34,825 votes with all-but-two precincts reporting, to Thompson’s 28,086.

Roe will continue in the office she has held for 24 years and to continue her work in the Aiken County Courthouse, where the former clerk of court is well into her fifth decade of work.

The campaign from the challenger, Thompson, was a loud, outspoken one, with many attacks made on Roe’s tenure.

Thompson has attacked Roe, accusing the her of cronyism, of running an annual $500,000 deficit and of illegal and unethical acts.

Roe denied all of Thompson’s claims.

At Aiken’s “Election Central” – the Convocation Center – Roe received a warm round of applause and many hugs from a group of bi-partisan candidates.