Eating out

Why do people go out to eat, expect to get things for free, get excellent service and do not tip the server? Me and my husband went out yesterday after church. We had a wonderful server. The others that were in her section were something else, though. This particular table ran her to death, made a mess and even commented on her excellent service. I told the server that she probably got a good tip. She laughed and said they left her nothing. Me and my husband felt bad so we compensated her for their cheapness. I laughed, too, because I recognized the people – they go to my church.


Sunday morning someone “dumped” a female (mostly) black Lab and her four emaciated puppies on the side of Connector Road. Shame! A call to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office resulted in an animal control officer rounding up as many of the dogs as could be caught to be brought to a safe haven. Hats off to those who care ... even on Sunday. Kudos and thank you!


For the Tennessee fan who is convinced that Tennessee has played a very tough schedule: Yes, giving up 721 yards to the fourth place team in the Sun Belt (Troy) this past Saturday probably is evidence just how tough Tennessee’s schedule really is. Of course, being a Tennessee fan, that orange clothing you are wearing is the most functional in the nation. You can wear the same clothes to go deer hunting at dawn, pick up garbage on the roadway all afternoon and to watch your Volunteers at night.

Ball coach

The ol’ ball coach was subject to ridicule for his comment last week that Alabama could beat an NFL team. Yes, coach, I can think of one NFL team Bama would handle: Your last Redskins team.

Left-turn signals

I am sick and tired of left-turn traffic signals that operate only when a certain number of drivers are lined up. The first driver is just as important as the third one. The idea that having the signals operable all the time will back up traffic is sheer nonsense. Replace the former pattern. Other cities have their turn arrows operating for even one vehicle. Update the system for better traffic control and increased safety.

Course in Miracles

I am interested in joining a Course in Miracles group in Aiken. How should I respond to the article in TalkBack that asks if anyone is interested?

Aiken Fair

This year’s Aiken fair was very nice, I enjoyed going, I just was disappointed that it seems smaller, and they seemed to push you on or off faster, and there was no music anywhere. The fair was a little bit off this time.