USC jacket

This is just a reminder to the person that “bought” the USC jacket at my yard sale last Saturday (Oct. 27), you forgot to pay me for the jacket, so would you please drop back by and bring me the money. But, on the other hand, if you took the jacket and didn’t intend to pay for it, you had better leave it in the closet because if I ever see you wearing it, you will be reported to police.

Charity complaint

What really makes me sick is that you’d take the time to write a TalkBack and complain about someone’s choice in charities. Most people who make donations – donate to more then one charity. If you don’t want to donate to help take care of helpless animals then don’t – but don’t criticize someone who does.

Relief workers

Did I read correctly in a recent publication? That after Superstorm Sandy, non-union disaster relief workers are being turned away in some severely devastated locations. Specifically discussed were utility repair personnel. Those that experienced Hurricane Katrina welcomed all that could assist with desperate appreciation.

One Table

I am curious about the One Table Thanksgiving dinner. Another paper said it was for helping others. Does this mean anyone can attend who doesn’t want to bother cooking their own dinner, or is it for those who are unable to?