Voters casting ballots in North Augusta have reported a mix-up that could impact the future of the City’s alcohol sales. 

A North Augusta attorney and City Council member, Arthur Shealy, said he was given the wrong ballot when he went to the polls around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Those voting within the City should see the Sunday alcohol sales referendum, that,  if passed, would allow restaurants to sell wine, liquor and beer on Sundays. Grocery and convenience stores would be able to sell beer and wine.

Currently, both are banned.

Cynthia Holland, executive director for Aiken County Registration and Elections, said she has received complaints from voters who did not have the correct ballot.

She said those complaints have been documented.

Any decision to protest the outcome would have to be lodged by the City of North Augusta, she said.

The two precincts reporting issues are 25, which votes at the North Augusta Community Center, and 67, which votes at Riverview Park.

About 2,500  registered voters live in those two districts.

North Augusta City Administrator Todd Glover said officials are monitoring the situation.

“One person called our office and we reported it to the election office,” he said. “We will look and see if we have any other complaints.”

If the problem is widespread, Council would have to decide if it  wants to file a protest, he explained.