Scam attempt

For the people that get a card in the mail saying you have won $500 in groceries, there’s no return address and, when you call the number, they want your debit or credit card number please don’t give it to them; it’s probably a scam.

Road construction

We need to get the city and county officials involved with the highway department. They’re advertising three different road projects right now – Silver Bluff, the bypass and Dougherty Road. We need to make sure we do not have all these things going under construction at the same time. There’s got to be some planning so you don’t paralyze the people who live off Silver Bluff and Pine Log.


I don’t know what’s wrong with the Aiken hospital. The emergency room is not as good as it was with the other crew. I had a friend go over there, they had her sitting in the waiting room, she thought she might have had a heart attack, they made her sit there. She had to go to Augusta to get treated; they took her right away.

Handling finances

On the 11 people running for treasurer, is there any way anyone has checked to see how they have handled their own finances before we hand over millions of dollars of taxpayer money?

Kudos in the banquet

Aiken Christian Women’s Connection would like to applaud Woodside Plantation Country Club’s chef, banquet managers and servers on a job well done. We held our annual Autumn Country Fair at their facility last Tuesday evening and were treated to an outstanding, delicious dinner buffet and friendly service. Thank you for all you did to make our event so memorable.

Stolen at the hospital

It’s a sad thing when your loved ones go into Aiken Regional Medical Centers and someone steals their belonging. My mother was in ICU and coded, and someone took her wedding band that she never took off. I was given her belongings in a bag and, when I finally got the strength to look at it, I discovered it was missing. They are suppose to be there to help us not hurt us.

Computer problems

I’m elderly and do not have a computer. When I tried to call the number regarding the tax info breach it referred me to an Internet address. The staff at the Aiken County Public Library helped me try to do this only to get a message that my request cannot be processed at this time. This is the most poorly managed administration in my lifetime. The Democrats need to be running this state.