“It’s called ‘Creator’s Map,’ and it’s actually translated from the Spanish. It’s set in Italy during the Spanish Civil War, and it revolves around the Nazis’ quest for religious artifacts that would give them power.” - David Kjellquist, Aiken

Emilio Calderón is a true master of the historical novel, able to infuse a specific time and place with clarion detail and an aura of magic. In The Creator’s Map, he vividly re-creates the shadowy schemes, romantic entanglements, and divided loyalties of a Europe torn apart by World War II. Told from the perspective of José María, a Spanish architect in Rome, The Creator’s Map brings to life the harrowing days surrounding the rise and fall of fascism as he, along with a passionate young librarian and an Italian prince, become entangled in a web of intrigue, love, and deceit involving a fateful map whose secrets have the power to destroy them. - barnesandnoble.com