The National Rifle Association has inaccurately identified Jane Vaughters as a candidate who does not and will not support the Second Amendment of our U.S. Constitution. The NRA rating came from her answers to the 27 questions posed by the NRA survey she was sent in August.

When she contacted the NRA lobbyist and inquired about her low rating, she was told that 6 of the 27 answers were not acceptable and ignored the fact that she answered yes that she supports the Second Amendment.

She did not agree with the NRA proposal that everyone who owns a gun should be able to carry it as a concealed weapon without a permit. She thinks that each college and university should determine the gun policies for its campus. She not agree that the general fund tax money should be used to lease land from private owners that could be used for hunting. South Carolina simply cannot afford this expense at this time.

She filled out the survey honestly because she believes this is how you earn an individual’s or an organization’s respect. Portraying Vaughters as an anti-gun candidate who would not support the Constitution is just wrong. Vaughters supports the Second Amendment.

S.N. Erwin