The economic condition of our country, our state and our community should be our No. 1 priority during this election cycle.

I urge voters to elect candidates who understand that small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

In the District 81 race, Don Wells is the candidate who has proven repeatedly that he will work to get government out of our way so that economic recovery can be achieved and jobs can be created.

Over and over during his two City Council terms, he has effectively made the case against unreasonable requirements being placed on businesses, many of which would have cost these businesses in the thousands of dollars before their doors ever opened.

If the environment of commerce within a community, or a state, is too difficult or unreasonably costly, these businesses often choose to simply locate somewhere else.

This isn’t the right attitude for South Carolina.

We have the opportunity to be leaders in a national economic revival, and Don Wells is the clear choice to represent us in the State House toward that goal.

William Jones