I am supporting Jane Vaughters in her campaign to replace Tom Young in the South Carolina House of Representatives. I am doing so because of her strong commitment to fiscal stewardship and transparency, but mostly because we need new people in Columbia. Witness the over 200 people who filed to run for office and were thrown off the ballot because of a technicality. Incumbents did not play by the same rules and were not affected. What a disgrace! Different rules for the same race!

Jane wants to end the special deals in Columbia which cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Quite often the amount taxpayer money to fund these secret deals is not made available to the public.

Jane’s motto is: “Too much is at stake and ‘business as usual’ in Columbia MUST NOT continue. WE CAN DO BETTER.”

Jane got me into politics and it was a pleasure working with a fellow Republican, like her, for her last two years on City Council. She always had a unique perspective on issues which taught me a great deal. I hope you will support Jane in her race by voting for her and telling friends to do likewise. Because Jane is a Petition candidate, it is best not to vote straight party as you might have done in the past. Simply vote in each race and when you get to the District 81 race, please vote for Jane.

Dick Dewar