Thank you

I would like to thank Jacqueline at T-Mobile for her great customer service. She took her time and was very polite and helpful when I wanted to exchange my phone.

Bad roads

To give you a prime example of how the Deptartment of Transportation wastes tax money, ride down Good Springs Road. They came out there and put down a bunch of rock and tar, but it did not alleviate the potholes, it did not alleviate the roughness of the roads. It is also good for the insurance companies who get to pay out for your windshield you get broken.

Food stamps

I lived on food stamps for awhile. I needed those food stamps. I was unemployed. Not that I was lazy, just that my $110 a week from unemployment just wasn’t cutting it with two children. Have you ever had children? What are you going to tell your kids, sorry, ain’t no food today? We’re giving away more food to third-world countries. Why don’t you call your government and complain about that? These are our kids for goodness sakes!

Pick-up dangers

I pick up my grandson at Schofield Middle School. A lot of the parents are parking in the park, and the kids are walking across to get to their parents. It’s very dangerous.

Cemetery parties

I agree with the lady who wrote in about parties being scheduled at cemeteries. This is in poor taste; it promotes vandalism. A lot of our old tombstones cannot be repaired or replaced.

Quarter machines

I’m ashamed of the people who live in Aiken that are in charge of letting the fair bring in all the quarter machines to rob the people of Aiken. The people who need the money the most. Standing there watching people play those machines; it was a crying shame to see people just throwing money away.

At the polls

As a poll manager for 40 years, let me give a bit of advice: Please know who you’re going to vote for before you come to the polls. People will come in and say, “Let me see a ballot; I don’t even know who’s running.” Remember you don’t have to vote a straight ticket. A party does absolutely nothing for you – a person does. Please help things run smoothly on Nov. 6.