The referendum to change Aiken County’s form of government is anexcellent idea. My only question is why it’s taken the County Councilso long to put such a sensible idea on the ballot?

It should be obvious that hiring what are essentially staff positionsis a good idea. Given the technical qualifications necessary toadminister the treasurer’s and auditor’s offices, such functionsshould never have been elected. To argue otherwise is to suggest thatevery county department head ought to be elected, which is a recipefor anarchy and incoherence.

I also agree with Councilman Gary Bunker’s point regarding theinformation available for making informed choices. Accountable policy-making positions such as the County Council should be elected, andfortunately the voters have ample information with which to judge theperformance of their elected representatives.

But regarding the treasurer and auditor, the voter has absolutely noinformation with which to make an informed decision. These positionsshould be responsible to council, and through council accountable to

the voters.

Howard Wayt