Hardly anyone would disagree that South Carolina's tax structure is antiquated and unfair. Wouldn't it be great if it got fixed?

Many of us believe the state income tax and the sales tax need to be eliminated and replaced with the fair tax. No more winners and losers. The fair fax would be paid on the new goods we buy and consume. That means even tax cheats and those who avoid taxes would have to pay up. Sounds fair to me.

Don Wells, who's running for State House District 81, supports the concept of the fair tax. He's in good company; Rep. Bill Taylor, of Aiken, was the primary sponsor of the fair tax legislation last session and plans to pre-file it again in December. Wells has assured me he, too, will press for passage of the fair tax.

Let's support these tax reformers on Nov. 6 and send them to the State House to fight for a better way to tax that will make South Carolina the envy of every state.

Corey Harper